How 'Bout Now?
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How 'Bout Now? is a monthly podcast where Abby and Danika are taking the bull by the horns and doing things they may never do otherwise. NEW THINGS. Join them on their adventures!

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    4: How 'Bout Silks?

    Danika and Abby are taking to the... air... in episode 4 of How 'Bout Now? with an aerial silks class!

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    3: How 'Bout New York?

    Episode 2 of How 'Bout Now? takes Abby and Danika through downtown Manhattan, via the best method around, a double-decker bus. They peruse and learn all about the area and answer your questions!

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    2: How 'Bout Bread?

    In episode 2 of How 'Bout Now?, Abby and Danika have their first bread-baking experience. From the prep to the final product, it's a bit of a mess. But they eat it anyway!

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    1: How 'Bout Anime?

    In episode 1 of How 'Bout Now?, Danika is walking Abby through her first ever anime convention experience.

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    0: How 'Bout Now?

    This pilot episode of How 'Bout Now? takes Danika and Abby to the Oddities Flea Market where they get their palms read, look at bones and things, and buy cool stuff. They then head to a medieval faire that was... sub par, and also watch 'It Follows.'